Apple IIgs


General Information

The Apple IIgs was the last of the Apple II series, unless you count the IIe card for the Mac.


A fantastic machine, combining excellent compatability and new technology. One of my all time favourite machines.

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ERA: 1986
CPU: 65C816
RAM: 256k - 8 MB
ROM#1's base = 256k
ROM#3's base = 1024k
DRIVES: AppleDisk 3.5" or 5.25" 
MONITOR: Apple RGB Monitor 
Apple Colour Composite Monitor
AUDIO: Ensoniq, 15 Voices
I/O: 7 x Internal Slots
1 x RGB Output
1 x Composite Video
1 x ADB Port (Keyboard/Mouse)
1 x LocalTalk Port
1 x Joystick Port
1 x AppleDisk Port
Keyboard ADB QWERTY Keyboard
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