Apple IIgs Woz Limited Edition


General Information

A ROM1 IIgs - nothing terribly extraordinary except for the Woz signature on the case!


For a limited edition, there is quite a few of these around! These are a ROM#1 machine.

For those who don't know, the GS stands for "Graphics" & "Sound"

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ERA: 1986
CPU: WDC 65816 @ 2.8 MHz
RAM: 256k - 8 MB (256k base)
DRIVES: AppleDisk 5.25, AppleDisk 3.5
Disk II or Duodisk 
MONITOR: Apple RGB Monitor, Composite Video
AUDIO: Ensoniq, 15 voices
I/O: 7 x Internal Slots
1 x RGB Output
1 x Composite Video
1 x ADB Port (Keyboard/Mouse)
1 x LocalTalk Port
1 x Joystick Port
1 x AppleDisk Port
Keyboard QWERTY ADB Keyboard
Closer View Internal View