General Information

The Xerox 820 System - the ultimate 8" CP/M System!


Wow - what an unusual system - and it works perfectly! This machine came in excellent condition with all disks and manuals. Only trouble is, I have no blank SS 8" Floppys!

Unconfirmed, I have heard that this machine was codenamed "Worm", as it was to tipped to beat the Apple II.

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ERA: c 1984
CPU: Zilog Z80
RAM: 64k
DRIVES: 2 x External 8" Single Sided 
MONITOR: Unknown (System IS monitor)
AUDIO: Internal Speaker
I/O: 1 x Comm Connector  (DB25)
1 x Printer Connector (DB25)
1 x Keyboard Connector (DB25)
1 x Disk Drive Connector
Keyboard 75 Key QWERTY Keyboard
Closer View Keyboard Disk Drive Monitor (Rear)