IBM PC Portable - 5155


General Information

The IBM PC Portable - not so portable at 30 lbs!


Amazingly enough, this is just slightly more advanced than an XT motherboard thrown into a plastic shell with PC Powersupply and keyboard. That's pretty much what it is!

When you have a look at one of these things, the first thing you notice is at the back, there is a keyboard port in the rear, exactly where the XT's is, but it has a keyboard cable plugged in, which runs to the port on the front of the case.

But it's a nice thought, and strikingly similar to the first Compaq Portable.

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ERA: 1984
CPU: Intel 8088
RAM: 256k
DRIVES: 1 x Internal 5.25" 360k
1 x Internal 20 MB HD 
AUDIO: PC Speaker
I/O: 8 x Expansion Slots
1 x Serial Port
1 x Parallel Port
1 x Keyboard Port
Keyboard 83 Key QWERTY
Closer View Rear View Closed View