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The IBM JX - the mature brother of the IBM PCjr
IBM Model 5511


IBM failed to capture the home computer market in the USA with the IBM PCjr. So they put their tail between their legs and tried again with the IBM JX in Australia & Japan. Once again, they failed to interest the consumers with this architecture.

Basically, it is a crippled IBM PC, with proprietary slots and a few nifty features. It has an infa-red keyboard, a light pen port, 400k 3.5" drives, two cartridge slots and a three-voice sound chip. Sadly, it fails to run most IBM PC software without modification.

The keyboard you see attached to the JX in the above picture is the Enhanced Keyboard. The Standard Keyboard can be seen below.

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ERA: 1984
CPU: Intel 8088
RAM: 256k - 512k
DRIVES: 2 x 400k 3.5" Drives 
MONITOR: 16 Colour RGB
AUDIO: 3 Voice Sound Generator
I/O: 1 x Parallel Port
3 x Proprietary slots
2 x Joystick Ports
1 x Lightpen Port
1 x Keyboard Socket
1 x Cassette IO
1 x Video Output
2 x Cartridge Slots
1 x Infra-red reciever
Keyboard QWERTY Infra-Red Standard or Pro Keyboard with Optional Cable (Infra Red requires AA Batteries)
Closer View Front Panel Rear View Keyboard IR Standard Keyboard Internals