Dick Smith



General Information

Dick Smiths early attempt at the combined gaming and computer market.


Interesting. You can either use the "moving-key keyboard" or use the keys on the control pads. The "moving-key keyboard" connects directly to the Hand Controller ports, then the Hand Controllers can connect onto the "moving-key keyboard". Just quietly, the "moving-key keyboard" isn't all it's cracked up to be, as it is nothing more than a chicklet-type rubber keypad.

This reminds me of the Intellivision.. but with ripoff games. It has games like "Crazy Chicky" which is nothing more than Pac-Man in reverse. Instead of eating pellets, you drop em. The goal is to fill the screen. There is also "Jail Jump", which is very similar to Donkey Kong, except the enemy is a criminal throwing barrels at you. 

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ERA: 1981                                
CPU: 6502 @ 2 MHz
RAM: 16k, Expandable to 64k 
DRIVES: Optional
Tape Drive (displayed) 
AUDIO: 3 Channel Audio
I/O: 1 x Power Connector
1 x RF Interface
1 x Cartridge Slot
1 x Tape Connector
Keyboard Intellivision style handconrollers or Moving Key Keyboard
Closer View Rear View Side View Moving Key Keyboard Software