Dick Smith

DD20 & DI40


General Information

The DD20 Disk Drive & DI40 Disk Interface enable your VZ-200 or VZ-300 to access data on 5.25" disks.


The VZ-300 will work perfectly using the drive & interface, but the VZ-200 requires a 16k Memory Expansion cartridge on the DI40. Its interesting to note that the DOS manual for the drive recommends notching the floppy disk!

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ERA: 1984
CPU: n/a
RAM: n/a
DRIVES: 1 x Single Sided 5.25" Drive 
AUDIO: n/a
I/O: 1 x Expansion Connector
1 x Piggyback Expansion Connector
1 x Drive Cable Interface
Keyboard n/a
Closer View of DD20 Closer View of DI40