Commodore Plus/4


General Information

The Commodore Plus/4 - the advanced member of the 264 family, aimed at the home office & business market.


Commodore's latecomer to the 8-Bit Arena, targeted at the Business and Home Market, which, like the 16 and the 116, is not compatable with the 64. Interesting machine. Called the "Plus/4" because it has 4 Business Functions loaded into the machine, which really is just a database, word processor and a spreadsheet (photos below). This machine features a reset button and has the C128-style power connector. In Basic, this machine sports 60,671 Bytes Free in BASIC, as opposed to the 64's 35,000. 

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1551 Floppy Drive
ERA: 1984
CPU: MOS 7501 @ 1.7 MHz
RAM: 64k                                  
DRIVES: 1551
Displayed is 1701
AUDIO: TED (2 Channel)
I/O: 1 x Serial Port
1 x Cassette Port
1 x Video Port
2 x Joystick Connectors
1 x Cartridge Port
1 x RS-232 Port
Keyboard QWERTY Style Keyboard
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