Commodore 64


General Information

Classic Computer system of the '80s. The best selling system of all time. 


All my friends had Commodore 64's.. I had an Apple ][e. I was jealous.  I can remember calling the local Commodore bulletin boards at glorious 300 and 1200 baud on those charming semi-internal modems, and enjoying the Commodore Colour character set. Then returning home and viewing them on my Apple ][e and seeing nothing but green and black.

Sadly, the cult following that once graced the Commodore 64 has, by the most-part, dissapeared. The household name "Commodore" no longer has meaning, with a growing number of people no-longer remembering the existance of the machine. 

Even though this is an 18 year old system, software is still widely available. Through my rummaging and collecting, I have quite a number of Commodore titles, some in original packaging, and even a dozen or so cartridges. All in all, the Commodore 64 is a classic that should never be forgotten.

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ERA: 1982
CPU: MOS 6502 @ 0.985 MHz
RAM: 64k
DRIVES: n/a 
AUDIO: SID                                   
I/O: 1x Power Connector
1 x User Connector
2 x Joystick Connectors
1 x Display Out
1 x Tape Interface
Keyboard QWERTY Style Keyboard
Closer View Rear Panel Running BASIC