Commodore 16


General Information

 The Commodore 16 - the low cost, entry level 264 series machine.


Quite an interesting machine, and it's real objective is not clear to me. A system built after the 64 with significantly less RAM, and zero compatability. What were they thinking? Still, the C16 you know is better than the C16 you dont! The tape drives are easier to find for these than the actual systems. They certainly were not built in quantity for the Australian Market.

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ERA: 1984
CPU: MOS 7501(TED)
RAM: 16k                                   
DRIVES: n/a 
MONITOR: TV (RF) or RCA Connector (1801 Displayed)
I/O: 2 x Joystick Connectors
1 x Video Connector
1 x Serial Interface
1 x Tape Drive Interface
1 x Power Connector
1 x Cartridge Slot
Keyboard QWERTY Style Keyboard
Closer View Rear View Label Running BASIC