Commodore P500


General Information

The Personal Line of the CBM-II series, which never officially arrived! One source says that it conflicted with the C64 and was axed. It never saw the retail market.

Varied reports about the quantity of P500's in existence, some say less than 100, others say 1000's were produced.


I purchased this machine on eBay and imported it from England. When it arrived, I had the unpleasant experience to find it not working. Turned out, the 6509 and the VIC fried.

Thanks to the kindness of Ruud Baltissen, who supplied me two functional 6509's, the P500 been brought back to life!

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ERA: 1984
CPU: MOS 6509
RAM: 128k
DRIVES: n/a 
I/O: 1 x IEEE488 Interface
1 x Cassette Port
1 x Cartridge Slot
2 x Com Ports
1 x RS-232C Port
1 x RGB Output
1 x Audio RCA Output
Keyboard 94 key QWERTY Keyboard
Closer View Rear View Internal View ROM Closeup Running!