CBM D9090 Hard Disk


General Information

The CBM D9090 was Commodore's large storage medium for the CBM/PET Series.

The total drive capacity, formatted, is 7.5 MB.


Difficult to come by, but certainly worth it when found. 
They can also be easily repaired. One of the two in the large photo below (the one on the left) has actually had it's power supply replaced with an IBM Power Supply, and the hard disk replaced by a 40 MB Miniscribe. If you need any assistance repairing a D9090, email me.

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ERA: 1982
CPU: MOS 6502
RAM: 2k
DRIVES: 1 x Tandon 10 MB Hard Disk 
AUDIO: n/a
I/O: 1 x IEEE-488 Interface
Keyboard n/a
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