CBM 4016


General Information

One of Commodore's responses to the growing Business, Home & Educational Market.


As with most 4000 series machines, two models exist - a 9" display and a 12" display system. The image on the right is that of the 9" system, which has no speaker.

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ERA: 1978
CPU: MOS 6502
RAM: 16k                                   
DRIVES: Optional
Tape Drive
Disk Drive 
MONITOR: Fixed 9" or 12" Screen
AUDIO: Piezo Speaker (or not!)
I/O: 1 x IEE488 Connector
2 x Tape Drive Ports
1 x User Port
1 x Expansion Port
Keyboard QWERTY Style Keyboard
Closer View Inside View Closer View of 12" Version Inside of 12" Version