Commodore 65 (aka 64DX)


General Information

The highly sought after prototype C65 - the Holy Grail of Commodore collectors.


What can I say - I am proud to own one! It is fully functional, as seen in the screen shot below. An extra-special thank you to Russell Alphey, who parted with this machine.

Unlike some other C65's, this one has an RF Modulator in the unit, and does not have a Bus Port.

My Serial # is 000062.

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ERA: c 1989-1991
CPU: CSG 4510 "Victor"
RAM: 128k, exp to 8M
DRIVES: 1 x Internal 3.5" DSDD (880k)
AUDIO: Stereo SID 8580
I/O: 1 x Video Out
1 x Serial Bus 
1 x Nonexistant Disk Drive Port
1 x RF Out
1 x RGB Out
2 x RCA Audio Out
1 x User Port
1 x Expansion Port
2 x Joystick Ports
1 x RAM Expansion Port
Keyboard QWERTY 77 Key
Closer View Rear View Side View Internal View Processor Closeup ROM Closeup
Label Disk Drive Artistic View Running BASIC