Amiga 500


General Information

The Amiga 500 became the entry level Amiga after its release. It's low cost and high performance made it popular amongst the gaming community.


There are certainly plenty of these around. It's also quite interesting to see how many are still in use today, or have been recently decommisioned.

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ERA: 1988
CPU: Motorola 68000
RAM: 512k
DRIVES: 1 x Internal 880k 3.5"
MONITOR: 1084S or A520 (RF)
AUDIO: Portia/Paula Chipset
I/O: 1 x RGB Output
2 x Stereo RCA Jacks
1 x Amiga Disk Port
1 x Parallel Port
1 x Serial Port
2 x Joystick/Mouse Connectors
1 x RAM expansion slot
1 x Direct Bus Edge Connector
Keyboard 95 key QWERTY Keyboard
Closer View Rear View Label