Amiga 2000


General Information

The next generation from the 1000. Completely upgradeable.


Released at the same time as the A500.

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ERA: 1987
CPU: Motorola 68000
RAM: 1 Megabyte
DRIVES: 1 x 3.5" 880k Floppy
1 x 5.25" 360k Floppy
1 x SCSI Hard Disk
AUDIO: Portia/Paula Sound Chip
I/O: 1 x Parallel Port
1 x Serial Port
2 x RCA Audio Jacks
2 x Joystick/Mouse Ports 
1 x RGB Port
1 x Amiga Drive Port
1 x Composite Video Port
Internal Slots
Keyboard 95 key QWERTY
Closer View Rear View Label on Rear