Amiga 1200


General Information

Undoubtedly the most versatile Amiga ever made - the Amiga 1200, released the same time as his younger sibling, the A600.


The Amiga 1200 is still being supported/sold today - visit for more details. 

Amazingly expandable for what seems to be a boxed solution. You can purchase accelerators, CDROMS, SCSI Interfaces, Network cards and more!

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ERA: 1991
CPU: Motorola 68020
DRIVES: 1 x Internal 880k Floppy
1 x Internal 40 MB HD
MONITOR: RGB Output / Composite
AUDIO: Four Voice Stereo Sound
I/O: 1 x RGB Output
1 x Serial Port
1 x Parallel Port
2 x Audio Output (RCA)
1 x Composite Out
1 x RF Out
2 x Joystick/Mouse Connectors
Keyboard 95 Key QWERTY Keyboard
Closer View Rear View