Amiga 1000


General Information

The First Amiga, the technology was aquired by Commodore from Amiga Technologies. Certainly well before it's time.


Jack Tramiel of Atari Corporation, the former Commodore boss, was extremely dissapointed. He had been investing Atari money into Amiga Technologies and offering them lousy money.
On the verge of a deal with Atari, Commodore bought Amiga Technologies. 

Have a look at the link "signatures". Inside the A1000's case are all the designers sig's.

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ERA: 1985
CPU: Motorola 68000
RAM: 256k (most upgraded to 512l)
DRIVES: 1 x Internal 3.5 880k
MONITOR: RGB or Composite Video
AUDIO: Portia/Paula Chipset
I/O: 1 x Parallel Port
1 x RGB Port
1 x RS-232 Port
2 x Stereo RCA Jacks
1 x Composite Video
1 x Amiga Drive Port
2 x Joystick / Mouse Ports
1 x RAM Upgrade Connector
Keyboard 89 Key QWERTY
Closer View Rear View Keyboard Signatures