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The 1570 is fairly common here in Australia, wheras the 1571 is slightly more elusive. These were released with the Commodore 128.


Very reliable drive - can take a beating and still run. To give you an idea, someone gave me a 1570 that had been under a house for 10 years - COVERED in dirt. Worked fine.

According to SWoC, the 1570 was only released for a relatively short time, as the production run for the 1571 was taking longer than expected. The 1570 is nothing more than a 1541 power supply & case with 1571 electronics!

To prove it, I opened up one of my 1571's - look below!

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ERA: c 1985
CPU: MOS 6502
RAM: 2k
DRIVES: 1 x 5.25 SS Floppy GCR
AUDIO: n/a
I/O: 2 x CBM Serial Bus
Keyboard n/a
Closer View Rear View Internals 1570 Power Supply 1571 Board