Atari Lynx


General Information

The Atari Lynx - advanced colour gaming


Well ahead of its time - this machine even had Nintendo worried, but it proved to be of no concern.

The Atari Lynx 2 is a smaller version with extended battery life & a earphone jack that supports stereo.

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ERA: 1989
CPU: 6502 @ 3.6 MHz
RAM: 64k
DRIVES: n/a 
MONITOR: 3.5" Colour LCD
AUDIO: 4 Channel, 8 Bit DAC
I/O: 1 x Cartridge Slot
1 x Comlynx Connector
1 x Headphone Jack
Keyboard n/a
Closer View Lynx in Carry Bag Carry Bag Lynx Box Lynx, Visor & Comlynx Lynx 2 & Box