Atari Jaguar


General Information

The Worlds FIRST 64-bit Game Console - well ahead of it's time. Sadly, it sold poorly - although it certainly outclassed it's peers.


In Atari's specification for cartridges, it was a requirement that both PAL and NTSC formats be recorded on the Cartridges, meaning all cartridges work everywhere!

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Jaguar CD

ERA: 1993
CPU: "Tom", "Jerry" (Custom RISC Chips)
& Motorola 68000
RAM: 2 Megabytes
DRIVES: n/a 
MONITOR: TV or Monitor using optional cable
AUDIO: "Jerry"
I/O: 1 x Cartridge Slot
1 x Expansion Port
1 x DSP Port
2 x Controller Ports
Keyboard n/a
Closer View Rear View Jaguar System Jaguar & Box Controller Software