Atari Falcon030


General Information

The last of the Atari Computers, the Falcon030.


I can remember hearing about this machine from an Atari friend of mine, who was balking at my 486DX/33, saying how the Falcon was going to take over. 

I can honestly say that it never happened.

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ERA: 1992
CPU: Motorola 68030
RAM: 4 Megabyte
DRIVES: 1 x Internal 3.5" 1.44 MB Floppy
1 x Internal 500 MB HD 
MONITOR: ST Monitor Output
AUDIO: MIDI, FM, 5 Channel Voice, DAC
I/O: 1 x Parallel Port
1 x RS-232 Port
1 x SCSI Port
1 x LAN Interface
2 x RS232C Ports
2 x  MIDI interfaces
1 x Microphone jack
1 x Headphone
1 x DSP Port
1 x Cartridge port
Keyboard QWERTY keyboard
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