Atari 520STfm


General Information

The Revised Atari 520ST - with internal floppy.


As opposed to the Atari 520ST, the joystick/mouse connectors are on the underside of the machine instead of where the disk drive is.

From what I can gather, the "f" means floppy, and the "m" stands for modulator, as this model has RF Output. Thanks members of!

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ERA: 1986
CPU: Motorola 68000
RAM: 512k
DRIVES: 1 x 720k 3.5" Floppy 
MONITOR: Atari Video Out or TV (RF)
AUDIO: 3 Programmable Sound Channels
I/O: 2 x MIDI Interfaces
2 x Joystick/Mouse Ports
1 x Atari VIdeo Output 
1 x TV (RF) Output
1 x RS-232C
1 x Parallel Port
1 x External Hard DIsk Port
1 x Cartridge Slot
Keyboard QWERTY
Closer View Rear View Disk Side View Cartridge Side View