Atari 520ST


General Information

The Atari 520ST - the first of the Atari ST series. This machine does not have an internal floppy. 


Early versions of the ST have TOS boot disks, as TOS ROM chips were not ready.

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ERA: 1985
CPU: Motorola 68000
RAM: 512k
DRIVES: n/a 
MONITOR: Atari Video Out
AUDIO: 3 Programmable Sound Channels
I/O: 2 x MIDI Interfaces
2 x Joystick/Mouse Ports
1 x Atari VIdeo Output 
1 x RS-232C
1 x Parallel Port
1 x External Hard DIsk Port
1 x Cartridge Slot
Keyboard QWERTY Keyboard
Closer View Rear View Side View