Apple IIc


General Information

Apple Computers first foray into (semi) portable computing.


Charming little machines, although at the time when these were popular, I thought they were pretty lame. No internal slots and everything for them was expensive. I was quite happy with my IIe. But I have to admit - they are a cute machine! 

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ERA: 1984
CPU: 6502 @ 1Mhz
RAM: 128k
DRIVES: 1 x Internal Compact 5.25" Single Sided
1 x External Disk //c
MONITOR: Apple Monitor designed for //c 
AUDIO: Apple //c Internal Speaker
I/O: 2 x RS-232c Ports
1 x RGB monitor
1 x Composite monitor output
1 x External drive connector
1 x Mouse or Joystick/Paddle
1 x Headphone connector
1 x speaker volume knob
Keyboard Apple //c Built-in
Internals "Apple Presents Apple" System Unit External Disk Disk Label Monitor
Monitor Label Mouse Mouse Reverse Rear Panel Internal Floppy