Apple ///


General Information

The elusive Apple /// - touted to be Apple's business machine for a 10 year period - only lasted 2!


This ill fated business machine was doomed from the start - bound by the instructions of Steve Jobs, the case was designed before the electronics!

Not only this, but the engineers were forbidden to install fans - as they were not elegant.

The ///'s first run was full of problems - chips launching out of sockets - 20% D.O.A. Apple asked customers to raise the machines two inches off the table and drop them; hoping to reseat the chips.

After a maintenance release, and then the ///+, the /// series was axed.

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ERA: 1981
CPU: MOS 6502
RAM: 128k - 256k
DRIVES: 1 x 5.25" Floppy Drive
MONITOR: 12" Monitor ///
AUDIO: Internal Speaker
I/O: 4 x Internal Slots 
2 x Serial Ports
1 x External Floppy Port
1 x RGB Output
1 x Composite Video
1 x Audio Out
1 x RS-232C
Keyboard 74 key QWERTY Keyboard w/ Keypad
Closer View Rear View Internal View System View